A French lesson using TED

TED is an awesome internet tool similar to YouTube except that its goal is to provide only educational resources and videos.  I created a lesson using the tool and I must say it is pretty fantastic and definitely worth a try!  You can create lessons with this tool using a video as your base and posting questions for viewers to respond to after watching the video.  There are also discussion components and space for students to react.  The lesson I created would be used for an upper level French class-French 5, maybe French 4.

Le port du voile or the wearing of the Islamic veil is one of the major political issues in France and was the topic I chose to create my lesson on. I used a video from a French TV channel, 24 and asked 4 follow along questions to be answered by students when and after viewing the video. These questions would ensure students are paying attention and grasping the big ideas of the clip.  It is also advantageous for the students to be able to pause and restart the video at their leisure while answering the questions.

For the “Dig Deeper” section, I displayed 3 different links to newspaper articles discussing this topic.  These are available to interested students and could also be used as a follow-up assignment later in the week.  The “Discuss” section allows students to ask questions to the teacher as well as give their over all opinion of the topic and discuss it with their classmates in a chat-type environment.  Finally the last section summarizes the lesson and topic, concluding the lesson.

Some learning goals for this lesson would be:

-Students will be able to identify important terms such as “le port du voile” and “la laicite” as it pertains to the given topic of the Islamic veil.  They will use this knowledge to discuss the topic with a partner in class as well.
-Students will be able to express their opinions in French on the Islamic veil, as a part of the discussion and as a part of their final question to the “Think” section of the lesson.  Students will also use their knowledge of French to discuss this opinion in class or with a partner.
(If using alternate links as a follow-up activity)-Students will read one of the 3 articles and identify, in French, at least 3 things that they learned from it and 2 things that directly related to the video displayed in this lesson.
-General goal: At least 80% of the students will be able to interpret what they saw/hear in the video in order to successfully answer the first three multiple choice questions.

I absolutely adored the idea of making a lesson using this site.  I can not wait to try it in class one day.  I may even use this exact lesson if I am to teach an upper level French class.  This is definitely a unique lesson that would stand out among other lessons.  Overall, I am feeling quite excited about all of the different internet tools I have discovered these past three months.  There are so many possibilities!


One thought on “A French lesson using TED

  1. You are thinking very creatively about how to use this tool in the classroom. I hope you get the chance to it out with your students in order to “tweak” the lesson for the next group.


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