Tweeters can be Teachers Too!

Twitter is more than a site about loading up on all of the celebrity gossip and letting the world know about your daily routines.  Did you know there exist twitter chats where you can discuss topics with others from all over the world interested in said topic?  You can do this through “hash-tagging” the name of the chat, for instance, #langchat. This is the chat I attended and I couldn’t believe how much information I gained from it.  Basically these chats are similar to you searching the internet for ideas or inspiration but instead of talking to Mr.Google, you can talk to actual people who specialize in this area you’re interested in, or perhaps just average Joes and Janes who have just as good feedback for you.  I found some awesome links that will definitely be useful to me in the future. I followed a few difference chats and gathered an incredible amount of ideas. I also checked out out the Diigo langchat for more inspiration.

Some of these links include: Bonjour Moggin -a cute site where students practicing translating English phrases to French.

I also found an interesting article about why you should  Pay attention in your language class

One of the chats I followed was on suggestions of what to have your class do on planned substitute days.  Here, I discovered a great website for teachers: Teachers pay teachers One of the ideas I liked was having students create a poster that represents a specific famous quote in French by a famous Francophonie, such as Victor Hugo.  There were so many great ideas on this site.  This goes to show that one link online can lead to several others.  Another idea I liked was the verb fortune teller:


I absolutely consider these chats to be a form of professional development.  There is some great resource-sharing that goes on during these chats.  You would most likely be talking with some real professionals as well. ACTFL frequently contributes to the chats and even posts dates and information about future or past conferences.  There are chats out there for everyone, whether you are a LOTE educator like me, in TESOL, history, science, technology, art history or in physical education.  I know this chat inspired me, hopefully you can be inspired too!


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