Connecting with ePals

ePals is awesome! This site can connect your classroom with another classroom from around the world.  For LOTE teachers or TESOL teachers, this site is a goldmine!  It is an excellent way to fulfill the culture and language exchange learning standard.  I know of teachers who have done this and it is very interesting to me!  I do not yet have my own classroom as I’m still a full-time grad student at this time but I can definitely see using this site in my classroom one day.  This isn’t however, something I would do in my first year of teaching, maybe not even in my second.  Once I become comfortable in the school and with my yearly curriculum,. I would definitely love the idea of connecting my classroom once or twice a week or for a few months, (for example) with another classroom in France or Quebec.  Quebec would be easier since there would not be a time difference for me, but France would probably be more interesting and rewarding to my students.

The site also can connect you with peer and teacher mentoring outlets.  There are also projects posted on the site that could be of interest to other teachers.  The project could last an entire year or for only a few weeks.  Depending on the exchange at hand, you could find a classroom to meet your specific needs.  This site isn’t only useful for LOTE classrooms.  History, English, political science, economics classrooms could all profit from this link.


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